Dear gentleman, 

welcome to our website. We are a friendly couple called Kate and David.

Me and my young, beautiful girlfriend love traveling, adventure, meeting new people, and last but not least, we love to experience new ways of "erotic fun". 

All you can see or read about us is honest and transparent. We do it for pleasure and enjoyment. 

Life should be lived to the fullest...,right? 

We hope we meet somebody who is on the same page as us. 

Somebody who wants to try amazing and exciting things in life. 

Maybe it's you?

We also believe that communication is the key. Always. So, if you have any erotic ideas you want to experience, let's talk about them and make them happened.

Our meetings may take place in the Czech Republic or anywhere else in the world (inside or outside of Europe). We don't mind traveling. Actually, it is even more exciting for us. Spent time together depends on your decision. Find out more about time and prices in the section PRICES.


Favorite drinks and cuisine

  • Italian, Czech, Asian, Indian, etc. (we can eat dishes with or without meat).

  • wine, champaign, cocktails


If there is anything you would like to talk about, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting each other.

Have a great day :)

Kate and David

a little bit of details...


  • 28 years old, Czech

  • 176 cm

  • slim curved body

  • blond long hair

  • boobs no. D - silicone

  • blue eyes

  • completely shaved

  • no tattoo, no piercing,  nonsmoker

  • clothe's size 38

  • shoe size 41/42 (EU size)


  • Czech nationality

  • 176 cm

  • healthy body

  • dark blond hair

  • beard

  • blue/green eyes

  • man's size 16/5,5 cm 

  • no tattoo, no piercing,  nonsmoker